Horizon and Enzen to create smart network in regional WA 

Lake Argyle in Western Australia (horizon)
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Horizon Power has entered a three-year partnership with Enzen Australia to deliver infrastructure and technology to create a smart network in the East Kimberley region in the north of Western Australia. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) Living Lab initiative will be rolled out across Lake Argyle, Kununurra and Wyndham, and will create a digital environment to use smart technologies to improve asset management and maintenance throughout regional and remote Western Australia. 

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Horizon Power general manager technology and digital transformation Ray Achemedei said it was an exciting development that would transform the way we digitally operate, maintain and manage assets. 

“Enzen Australia specialises in asset performance and digitalisation and this partnership will allow us to develop our capabilities a lot faster than we could on our own,” Achemedei said. 

The initiative will play a key role in Horizon Power’s grid modernisation and digital transformation by delivering solutions that will further improve safety, grid reliability, resilience, and security. 

“Our IOT Living Lab will deliver real-time situational awareness of our assets via a network of sensors which means we will know the status and performance of key assets as well as what is happening in the environment around them,” Achemedei said. 

“We’ll be able to combine real-time performance insights with historical trends while predictive algorithms will monitor asset health to identify anomalies, optimise maintenance schedules and create digital twins. Our crews will be able to receive alerts for early fault detection, and we will be able to dispatch them directly to the location—no more patrolling lines for up to six hours.

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“IoT is cheaper and quicker to implement than existing control systems like SCADA. Its also more flexible and easier to scale, which is important for Horizon Power and our customers who are spread across a quarter of the country.” 

Horizon Power and Enzen Australia will start rolling out the infrastructure across the East Kimberley region in July with the IoT Living Lab expected to be transmitting data by September 2022. 

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