Hazer Group granted $250K for hydrogen study

Hazer Group
The paddle reactor houses the Hazer Process reaction. The paddles have three functions; to mix the graphite with gas, agitate graphite to prevent sintering, and to move the graphite through the bed from one end to the other. The reactor is designed to enable residence time to be adjusted independently to methane gas velocity, so graphite purity can be varied.

Hazer Group’s application for funding from the Western Australian State Government under the Renewable Hydrogen Fund has been successful.

Hazer’s application is for a Feasibility Study on the creation of a renewable hydrogen transport hub in the City of Mandurah and the wider region. The aim of the study will be to identify and aggregate customers for hydrogen-based low emission transport applications and match these with specific, implementable infrastructure and hydrogen supply solutions, including supply from the proposed Hazer Commercial Demonstration Project.

The WA State Government has committed to provide up to $250,000 of funding to complete the study. Hazer has been in a dialogue with the City of Mandurah to identify potential users for hydrogen in the City and surrounding region. The feasibility study will build on this initial work, which has identified strong appetite to develop hydrogen mobility projects.

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WA Minister for Regional Development Minster Alannah MacTiernan said, “Western Australia needs to explore how we can produce, use and provide energy to our international partners through clean and reliable sources – renewable energy via hydrogen provides a means to do this.

“This feasibility studies will facilitate significant private sector investment and leverage financial support for a job-creating renewable hydrogen industry in WA.

“We received 19 feasibility study applications of which seven have been selected: confirming there is strong interest in developing a renewable hydrogen industry in WA.

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“The projects being investigated have the potential to create new jobs, skills and training opportunities – particularly in regional Western Australia.”

Hazer managing director Geoff Ward said, “We are delighted to have been selected for funding by the Western Australian State Government. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the State Government to the development of a low emissions hydrogen industry in Western Australia.

“Building customer demand and demonstrating effective hydrogen supply and infrastructure solutions are key to growing our hydrogen industry, both domestically and for export.

“In addition to developing renewable hydrogen production through projects such as our Hazer Commercial Demonstration Project, we also need to develop customer markets to ensure that full economic and environmental benefits of producing, using and exporting hydrogen are realised.”

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