H2X commences hydrogen vehicle production

H2X Global hydrogen-powered bus
H2X Global hydrogen-powered bus

Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), through its wholly owned subsidiary SEDC Energy has signed an MOU for an incorporated joint venture with Australia’s H2X Global for the manufacturing, assembly and development a range of strategic transport projects. 

The joint venture is a long haul commitment to develop component and vehicle production in the long term and to immediately begin with assembly of relevant vehicles from the Warrego Pick up to City Buses and also H2x Hydrogen Powered Generators, taking advantage of the Hydrogen distribution network set up within Sarawak State Malaysia.

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SEDC Energy has developed the strategic blueprint for Sarawak to become a hub for the emerging ASEAN hydrogen energy market in Asia with visionary planning which involves a wide range of hydrogen infrastructure projects.

The Sarawak Government first introduced hydrogen powered vehicles in the State in 2019 and the new agreement will see H2X supply and assemble further vehicles including buses to meet the growing demand.

H2X Global founder and CEO Brendan Norman said Sarawak was already well ahead of most states in the region and was well advanced in the establishment of long term hydrogen production for both domestic and export use.

“We have been honoured to be selected to work with SEDC. It is likely that Sarawak will not only produce vehicles for its own use but will become a major supplier to other States and countries in the region,” Norman said.

SEDC Energy CEO Robert Hardin said Sarawak had a unique opportunity to become a leader in the development of renewable energy transport.

“We have been using Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles for a few years now as Sarawak was an early adopter and now we are adding projects such as hydrogen production to supply our neighbours who are now also embracing hydrogen and other forms of renewable energy.

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“H2X is a global leader in fuel cell technology and we believe the joint venture will bring significant economic and environmental benefits to Sarawak and the Sarawak Southern Region Development for Malaysia and the ASEAN region.”

The H2X team in Sarawak is led by chief powertrain and fuel cell officer Marco Cheung, who has extensive experience in building fuel cell vehicles responsible for several high volume vehicle products in Asia on the roads successfully with in excess of a quarter billion kilometres in operation.

Norman, who is attending COP26 in Glasgow with H2X as an Australian representative company, said the foresight of the Sarawak authorities to take the lead in the hydrogen economy would create many new industries and high value jobs for the region.

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