GreenSync expands into New Zealand with new partnership


GreenSync has announced its partnership today with Wellington Electricity (WE*), the distribution company that provides the electricity network infrastructure for New Zealand’s capital city and the surrounding region, to deliver a new business model for smart electric vehicle charging solutions.

The project, EV Connect, is co-funded by the New Zealand Government’s Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund, announced by the Energy and Resources Minister Dr Megan Woods. It will establish the foundations required to support electric vehicle grid connection at scale and help manage peak electricity demand on WE*’s network.

EV Connect will be rolled out over three stages in collaboration with the industry. This will address opportunities for dynamic electric vehicle connection technologies and enhance the visibility of electric vehicles (EV) connected to a network. The partnership will deliver a roadmap for the wider adoption and application of the solutions, including market functionality for electricity retailers who will be able to utilise GreenSync’s innovative Decentralised Energy Exchange (deX) platform.

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GreenSync CEO Phil Blythe said, “This project marks GreenSync’s expansion into New Zealand. It demonstrates the capability of the deX platform in addressing international issues relating to the integration and management of renewable and distributed energy resources (DER) that networks are struggling to address.

“Rather than seeing electric vehicles as a liability, Wellington Electricity is proactively addressing how they can leverage their customers’ energy assets to participate in the market and to enhance grid reliability at the same time.

“We’re excited to be working with Wellington Electricity and the New Zealand Government to address the grid challenges that countries face as they transition towards a low-emissions electric transport system.

“New Zealand is leading the world in embracing a clean energy future where electric vehicles play a strategic role in reducing emissions arising from transportation.”

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Through EV Connect, Wellington Electricity and GreenSync will pilot a program for corporate EV fleets and residential customers. This pilot will involve fleet managers and electricity retailers who will provide feedback to refine the rollout of EV Connect. deX’s open-access platform will allow a wide range of EV charger technologies to be connected to support customer’s EV preferences.

The pilot with WE* will be supported by GoodMeasure, New Zealand’s DER management platform for utilities and businesses.  

“This project provides a great opportunity to understand the key technologies, the benefits to customers (and wider industry), and how this could shape future regulation,” WE* CEO Greg Skelton said.

“There is a real need for practical solutions which can help the government achieve its carbon reduction targets through electrification of transport, while ensuring that customers continue to receive reliable, affordable electricity.

“Projects like EV Connect can reduce both the need for additional electricity infrastructure investment by networks and the country’s reliance on fossil-fuel peak energy generation sources. “The project brings together industry leaders to develop scalable solutions that work for the broader industry and ultimately benefit consumers.”