Greenpeace crowdfunds anti-NEG ad campaign

clean energy council

Greenpeace is urging state energy ministers to reject the Federal Government’s national energy guarantee (NEG).

The organisation said the proposed energy policy will “cripple the thriving renewable energy industry and lock in dirty coal”.

Greenpeace and GetUp! are crowdfunding to air a TV ad campaigning against the NEG aimed at the Victorian and Queensland state governments.

“State premiers like Daniel Andrews and Annastacia Palaszczuk are faced with a choice,” Greenpeace campaigner Charlotte Cox said.

“They can reject the NEG and safeguard a renewable energy industry that is shoring up supply and putting downward pressure on prices.

“They will be ignoring both the interests of their constituents and the market reality if the pass the NEG.

“The NEG will stunt the growth of the renewables industry and condemn families to the type of dirty climate causing coal power that is killing the reef and causing more frequent and intense natural disasters like bushfires and floods.”

The states and territories are expected to receive an updated version of the NEG early next month, in preparation for the August 10 COAG Energy Council meeting at which a decision on the adoption or rejection of the NEG is expected.

All states and territories in the National Electricity Market (NEM) have to agree to adopt the NEG before it can become law.

If adopted and legislated, the NEG will cover all states in the NEM: Tasmania, NSW, the ACT, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.

“Daniel Andrews and Annastacia Palaszczuk have the power to secure the transition to clean energy. Alternatively, they can sell their states out to coal interests,” Ms Cox said.

The ad, titled Save Solar, is posted on the Greenpeace website and features men donning suits climbing onto rooftops and ripping solar panels off before throwing them to the ground.

Almost $10,000 of a $30,000 target has been crowdfunded by Greenpeace for the advertisement.

“We only have a few weeks to stop Turnbull’s dirty power plan trashing renewables in Australia,” the site says.

“Let’s get this ad on TV to expose this dodgy deal and get the phones of state energy ministers ringing off the hook.”