Government funding for WA carbon capture and storage project

Western Australia’s first on-shore carbon capture and storage (CCS) trial project will receive up to $52 million to further promote the state’s research in carbon emissions reduction.

Western Australia Mines and Petroleum Minister, Norman Moore joined Federal Resources and Energy Minister, The Hon. Martin Ferguson MP for the funding announcement in June.

Mr Moore said the Federal Government Flagship funding would enable the Collie Hub project to move to the next phase of decision-making.

“This funding will further progress pre-competitive data acquisition and analysis of the potential storage area,” he said.

Mr Moore said that if implemented, the Collie Hub project had the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by 30 per cent in south west Western Australia and by 9 per cent across the state.

He said the project would also provide a sustainable future for some of the region’s most important industries, which currently provide jobs for more than 10,000 people.

The Collie Hub concept involves capturing CO2 from emissions sources, compressing it into a liquid and pumping it deep below the earth for permanent storage.

Initial studies have identified the Lesueur formation, north of the Kemerton industrial area, as the best potential storage site for CO2.

“It is expected to take about four years of study and research, including detailed desktop modelling, before a final decision on the hub can be made,” Mr Moore said.

“As a joint venture between the Department of Mines and Petroleum and six other companies, this project is an excellent example of industry working together with government.”

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