UK’s GivEnergy enters Australian home battery market

GivEnergy home battery system installed outside residence
Image: GivEnergy

UK battery manufacturer GivEnergy has entered the Australian home and commercial battery market.

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GivEnergy has been the top selling brand of residential batteries in the UK for the past five years.

GivEnergy Australia managing director Martin Cobb said, “The brand’s success is down to a clear strategy: We offer proven and premium products, but at the most affordable prices, which makes the decision for buyers a simple value choice.”

More recently, GivEnergy’s operations have expanded into European, Asian and African markets as well as in Australia.

“It was a very logical and timely decision to launch into the Australian market this year. Australians are ready for our products as they are informed customers,” Cobb said.

The evaluation of our batteries assessing a product based on value proposition, we back our brand, its features and the long-term value we deliver.”

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GivEnergy’s Australian operation currently offers two high-performance home battery options with 100% local support.

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