Getting lit this festive season? Consider these safety tips

Tangled Christmas lights on roof with homes in the background (safety)
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As Queenslanders prepare to roll out the festive lights and decorations in the lead up to Christmas, Ergon Energy is reminding everyone to think about electrical safety.

Work group leader Steven Plant recommends following a few simple steps to stay safe.

“If you’re pulling Christmas lights, powered decorations and extension leads out of storage, check their condition before you plug them in and don’t use them if there are any signs of damage.

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“Make sure any power boards you are using have surge protection and ditch the double adaptors or piggyback plugs.

“If you’re buying new lights, choose a reputable local dealer who is required to sell products that meet Australian safety standards.

“It’s not worth risking your safety to save a few bucks by buying cheap and dodgy lights online from overseas,” he said.

Plant said solar-powered decorations were more energy-efficient and safer to use outdoors.

“We live in the Sunshine State, so it pays to take advantage of the sun and save money by installing solar lights. You also avoid the need for weatherproof electrical connections outside.

“If you are using electric lights outside, make sure they are rated for outdoor use and any leads are plugged in out of harm’s way at a time of year when weather conditions can be unpredictable,” he said.

Christmas lighting enthusiasts who are working at heights should heed the Look Up and Live message and use ladders safely.

“If you are stringing lights along your roofline or in taller trees, be aware of the location of your service line and Look Up and Live.

“Do not ever put any Christmas decorations or lighting displays on power poles, streetlights, pillar boxes or Padmount substations.

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“This may sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised how often our crews are called out to remove festive displays from electrical infrastructure.

“We don’t want to be The Grinch – we just want everyone to have a safe and happy festive season,” Mr Plant said.

Setting timers for your display or turning your lights off before you go to bed is another important tip to keep your household safe and energy efficient.

For more safety tips visit Ergon’s Christmas & Party Lighting page.

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