German solar heavyweight opens Australian HQ

Meteocontrol, a German-based provider of independent energy monitoring systems, has opened an office in Australia to support the development of the nation’s growing large-scale solar market.

Founded in the 1970s, meteocontrol delivers monitoring equipment to maximise the efficiency and functionality of commercial and large-scale solar projects. It currently monitors around 45,000 photovoltaic systems worldwide with a total output of over 13GW–more than double Australia’s current installed capacity.

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Meteocontrol Australia managing director David Barshevski said the company’s systems offered the next level of sophistication for commercial and utility-scale solar.

“We confident there’s no other system like it in Australia. It’s so much more than just monitoring,” Mr Barshevski said.

“Additional services like yield forecasts, technical due diligence, independent engineering, cybersecurity and energy and weather data analytics are part of our total solution.

“We can support clients who manage a portfolio of projects, and also allow a third party, such as grid operators or AEMO, to interact with the system.”

Mr Barshevski said the company had already provided solutions to some local PV projects.

“With the commercial and utility segments in Australia booming like never before, the time is right for us to have a presence here and offer our clients the best level of advice and technical support.”

The company’s Australian headquarters will be based in Melbourne.