Generating Power for Westmead Millennium Institute

Power generation provider MPower has announced a working partnership with Stowe Australia and the Abi Group to design, install and commission an emergency generator system for the Westmead Millennium Institute – a medical research facility located a the Westmead Hospital site in New South Wales.

MPower will provide a 1500kVA diesel emergency generator system that will generate essential power to the entire new, multi-storey medical research facility.

The contract was awarded to MPower in November 2012 and is valued at approximately $700,000.

To ensure all vital equipment continues to be powered in an outage, a 1500kVA diesel emergency system that incorporates a 5000 litre underground fuel tank and an 800kW test-load-bank will be designed and engineered.

The system will provide essential power for approximately 12 hours in a power outage and the test-load-bank ensures the system is well maintained and operating effectively should the system be utilised in an emergency.

MPower will ensure the entire facility continues to receive power in the event of a power outage, which requires a heavy-duty system that can generate enough energy to reach every level in the building.