Gelion chosen for Acciona Energía solar plant battery trial

Acciona Energía PV solar testing site in Navarra, northern Spain (Gelion)
Acciona Energía PV solar testing site in Navarra, northern Spain

European renewables giant Acciona Energía has chosen Australian energy storage innovator Gelion to trial its zinc-bromide battery technology at Acciona Energía’s solar plant in Navarra, northern Spain.

After a global search for emerging innovative storage technologies through the I’MNOVATION program, the Spanish company selected Gelion from a highly competitive field.

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As part of Acciona Energía’s commitment to environmental programs, it launched I’MNOVATION to discover emerging innovative solutions in energy storage, through collaboration with businesses around the world.

Ten energy storage companies participated in the program with four selected to proceed, including Gelion. The successful startups will have the opportunity to test and trial their technologies for a period of six months to a year at the experimental Montes del Cierzo 1.2MW-peak photovoltaic plant in Tudela, Navarra after July 2022.

Gelion has developed breakthrough battery technology for the stationary storage of renewable energy based on non-flow zinc-bromide chemistry that can be manufactured in existing lead-acid battery factories.

The company is commercialising its Endure batteries to tap into the huge growth taking place in energy storage as the global economy transitions to renewable energy. Gelion’s batteries are a safe, high-temperature tolerant, lower-cost and robust alternative to lithium-ion batteries for stationary energy storage.

If the trials with Acciona Energía are successful, Gelion’s Endure battery will form part of the European company’s supplier portfolio as a renewable energy storage provider.

Gelion founder and principal technology advisor Professor Thomas Maschmeyer said: “Acciona Energía’s vision aligns well with our own. It is focused on developing commercial solutions that invest in the planet, specifically for renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure and clean water production.

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“Our battery technology is ideally suited to support the energy transition as the world acts to prevent a deepening of the climate crisis.”

Gelion was spun out of the University of Sydney in 2015 to commercialise the breakthrough battery technology developed by Professor Thomas Maschmeyer, recipient of the 2020 Australian Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation.

The company successfully floated on London’s AIM market last year to access capital to further accelerate its path to full commercialisation.

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