Game-changing energy technology delivered to winery

A uniquely tailored voltage stablisation solution to improve power security and electrical efficiency to a major Australian winery has made SCE Energy Solutions a finalist in the 2017 Wine Industry IMPACT Awards.

The game-changing technology has the potential to deliver widespread benefits to the national wine industry in terms of greater reliability of power supply and significantly reduced energy consumption.

SCE Energy Solutions partnered with Alkoomi Wines, which is located on the Frankland River 300km south of Perth, in the most isolated wine-growing region of Western Australia.

SCE Energy Solutions directors Jon De Martin and Phillip Lawrence said the sharpening focus of Australian businesses on energy security and cost, along with environmental management, was particularly relevant in the wine industry where many operators were distant from major centres of centralised energy production.

“Alkoomi Wines was experiencing continual interruptions to electrical supply resulting in significant inefficiencies with equipment in the winery,” Mr De Martin said.

“The winery management approached SCE to carry out detailed analysis of the incoming electrical supply to the winery and energy consumption in the plant along with data provided by the company’s energy supplier.

SCE System at Alkoomi Winery

“We also analysed previous energy accounts for Alkoomi Wines allowing us to plot the energy draw over a 12-month period.

“Overall, the analysis revealed problems with winery equipment turning on and off resulting in costly energy reverberations.

“Harmonisation of the power supply was also measured with a particular focus on peak energy draw and the performance of equipment in relation to supply.

“We also investigated the impact on an on-site solar power system particularly during periods when that region of Western Australia reduced its energy draw.”

SCE Energy Solutions determined the solution for Alkoomi Wines included independent voltage stabilisation technology and harmonisation between grid supply voltage and the solar power voltage created on-site.

“The objective was a reduction in total harmonic distortion and improved balance between voltage and current,” Mr De Martin explained.

“The result for Alkoomi Wines has been improved business efficiency and reliability of equipment through quality energy supply. It has also delivered very significant energy savings.

“The wider impact of this case study is very clear because the wine industry is often at the mercy of extended energy grid supply that can result in voltage spikes, surges, sags and temporary transient events of many types.

“The positive outcome of detailed energy analysis in the winery sector is the identification of key opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies that can significantly reduce costs of production while delivering site performance improvements.”

The successful outcome motivated SCE Energy Solutions and Alkoomi Wines to enter the prestigious Wine Industry Impact Awards in the engineering category.

The annual awards, presented by Wine Industry Suppliers Australia (WISA), showcase excellence in improving the competitiveness and capability of the nation’s grape and wine industry.

The case study presented by SCE Energy Solutions and Alkoomi Wines won high praise from the 2017 Wine Industry IMPACT Awards judges who projected it to finalist status.

Winners will be announced at a gathering of Australia’s leading wine sector identities on October 19.