Funding sustainability in Melbourne

The Sustainable Melbourne Fund is offering up to $500,000 for business ideas or projects that could create financial and environmental value for Melbournians.

Through the fund, green-thinking entrepreneurs could secure up to
100 per cent finance. The Sustainable Melbourne Fund will also boost or match any other private or public-sector funding.

The fund is looking for ideas from Melbourne-based individuals, organisations or businesses with ideas about sustainability projects that meet its clear investment criteria.

These criteria include the delivery of clear environmental benefits, the contribution to the sustainability in the City of Melbourne and a proven business case for investing in water, energy and waste efficiency.

In its announcement, the fund said it was able to undertake three main types of investment: an alliance, or partnership, for the development of mutual aims; a sponsored investment, where the Sustainable Melbourne Fund will provide sole funding of a project; and savings investments, which involve projects with low rates of return.

Funding will be provided for a maximum investment period of six years.

For more information, visit the Sustainable Melbourne Fund website.

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