Funding for energy pipelines research centre

The new Energy Pipelines Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) will receive $17.48 million of CRC program funding over 10 years.

The centre will help deliver long-term safety and security for Australia’s energy sector, according to Parliamentary Secretary for Innovation and Industry, Richard Marles at its June launch.

Mr Marles said the Energy Pipelines CRC will play a vital role in developing safe and efficient pipeline infrastructure and services which are critical to Australia’s economic and social growth.

“The centre will receive $17.48 million of CRC Program funding over 10 years, complemented by CRC partner cash and in-kind contributions of around $70.6 million,” Mr Marles said at the launch.

“Its work will help to extend the life of existing pipeline networks and facilitate construction of new networks for transmission of gas and other emerging energy cycle fluids, supporting an accessible and affordable energy supply for Australians.”

The CRC program is a part of the government’s innovation agenda, outlined in Powering Ideas: An Innovation Agenda for the 21st Century.

It supports collaborative research partnerships between universities, government and non-government research organisations and industry, to maximise the benefits of Australia’s scientific innovations.

The new CRC is a collaborative venture between the Australian Pipelines Industry Association and Australian universities.

“The… Government works closely with researchers and industry to ensure Australia delivers innovative solutions to meet our growing demands,” Mr Marles said.

“The new CRC will ensure that our energy, manufacturing and mining sectors have access to the latest innovations, helping the Australian economy to meet our emerging energy needs.”

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