“Free forever” electric vehicle charger launches in Brisbane

electric vehicle
JAX Tyres store manager Mark Edwards, JAX Tyres CEO Steve Grossrieder, EVolution CEO Russell Shepherd and JAX Tyres product and pricing manager April Harwood at the launch of JAX’s first electric car charging station in Woollongabba

Brisbane is fast making a name for itself as a leading capital of electric vehicles with the latest announcement of a free electric vehicle charging station in the suburb of Wooloongabba.

Tyre and mechanical servicing brand JAX Tyres has launched the brand’s first, free electric car charging station for the public, located at 98 Logan Road, Woolloongabba.

The station is part of a 2019 nation-wide roll-out by JAX to future-proof its 86 stores in partnership with electric car utilities experts, EVolution. This will be the first station for a tyre or mechanical store in Australia as the industry adapts to the technology changes that are disrupting the automotive market, including new types of fuel and energy storage solutions, as the automotive race to zero-emission targets ramp up.

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JAX Tyres CEO Mr. Steve Grossrieder believes diversification is a good thing for the automotive industry and that JAX Tyres is ahead of the market in providing solutions for their customers.

“We need agility to service all technologies moving forward, especially in the automotive race to zero-emission targets,” he says.

Mr. Grossrieder confirmed that the diversification strategy will continue throughout 2019 and that new JAX Tyres stores in South Australia and Western Australia will be equipped, ensuring they can continue to serve customers into the future.

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CEO of EVolution Russell Shepherd said drivers will be able to charge their cars either as JAX customers or as passers-by. Furthermore, any electric vehicle will be topped up via portable chargers while being serviced.

The public JAX Charging network will be made up of a combination of Charge-Amps AURA Dual Port AC 22KW EVSEs and Tritium DC Fast Chargers.

Mr Shepherd said all charging will be “free forever” and accessible without the need for a swipe card or mobile phone app.