FNQ street trial promising

Ten adjacent homes in Townsville, Queensland, are participating in a 12-month trial to test battery storage systems, home energy management systems and alternative tariffs.

Technology engineer Dean Condon said higher prices and government incentivisation of solar PV systems have been the catalyst for the new technology, which is making home battery storage a reality.

“We’re thinking outside the square and consider this an opportunity rather than a threat. Imagine if each home had battery storage, a home energy management system, a solar PV system and dynamic electricity pricing,” Mr Condon said.

“It would allow customers to charge their battery system from their solar PV or Ergon’s network at times of low demand and use battery power at peak times, which reduces the need for continual network expansion.

“This new project will allow us to trial how our customers interact with distributed energy resources such as batteries, home energy management systems and dynamic electricity pricing.

“It’s not a battery comparison trial but a way to see how different battery functionality and customer interaction works best for Ergon.”

A report on the trial is expected soon.

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