First independent metering coordinator enters NEM

Sun shines on tiled roof with solar panels (ausgrid microgrid)
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Australian owned and operated startup Green Metering has become the first independent organisation to be registered as a Metering Coordinator in the NEM since the introduction of Power of Choice reforms five years ago, when AEMO confirmed their registration this month.

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“It’s time for innovation in the metering industry and we’re proud to be able to provide an independent offer in the electricity market that will help accelerate smart meter uptake and transform customer experience, putting energy data in the hands of consumers to have more control over their usage,” Green Metering managing director David Lannan said.

Drawing on his experience in telecommunications, David believes now is the time for a revolution in customer experience in the electricity market, with opportunities ripe to provide similar benefits that nbn delivered for telecommunications.

“Green Metering’s focus is on delivering a roadmap of customer friendly, renewable-ready metering solutions and we’re working with several existing Meter Providers and Metering Data Providers to deliver installation, maintenance and data services that meet the unique requirements across residential, business and embedded network locations,” Lannan said.

Green Metering aims to put customers at the centre of their services, having identified some big opportunities to significantly improve the customer experience of households and businesses.

“We’re look forward to working with electricity retailers so they never have to think about metering again,” Lannan said.

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For a small start up, the Green Metering team has extensive and transferable experience from the telecommunications and SaaS industries that they’re applying to their service model. Combined with industry feedback, Green Metering has developed a new product that will meet the needs of the industry today and support scalable growth into the future.

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