EVs to take centre stage in Netflix deal

Photo of green electric GMC Hummer (netflix)
Electric GMC Hummer

Streaming giant Netflix has unveiled a new star for some of its upcoming programming: electric vehicles (EVs) from General Motors and other automakers.

The streaming service announced an agreement to feature vehicles including the Chevrolet Bolt, the electric GMC Hummer pickup and the Cadillac Lyriq in TV series and films “where relevant”, according to Reuters.

The companies will highlight the partnership in a commercial featuring Will Ferrell that will air during the February 12 Super Bowl. Netflix and GM called the agreement “part of a commitment to a more sustainable future.”

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Financial terms were not disclosed.

Netflix said it would help creators “better understand how EVs can complement and enhance their stories”.

Shows that will feature GM’s EVs include Love is Blind, Queer Eye and Unstable.

Netflix productions also will include EVs made by other automakers, the company said.

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