EVOS launches first Australian made home charger

EVOS Fleet Home 22 EV charger
The EVOS Fleet Home 22 EV charger

Brisbane-based electric vehicle (EV) fleet energy management and AC charging specialist EVOS has unveiled the first Australian made home EV charger. 

The EVOS Fleet Home22 AC Charger is ideal for businesses, providing charging for fleet vehicles, as the charger can be provided to employees for easy installation at home.

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The game-changing charger also features EVOS’ patented energy management software, which instinctively chooses the ideal idle time for the charger to charge the vehicle when possible—either overnight in non-peak periods or during business hours, for instance. It can also control charge rate, speed and power to ensure owners can manage their energy output, thus reducing the costs of charging at home as much as possible.

The EVOS Fleet Home22 AC Charger represents the first Australian-made home charger available on the market today. It will be sold from December through Ampol, with strata companies able to purchase the charger for their properties through LPE. It will be generally available from EVOS ENERGY.

The EVOS Fleet Home22 AC Charger is designed and engineered in Australia and built to meet the unique requirements of homes and businesses. The unit has been designed to be easily installable and uninstalled; with the simple-to-uninstall function possible without a technician, ensuring cost savings for homes and businesses if an employee leaves the organisation, as the employee can simply unplug it and return the charger to be used again.

The charger was designed to increase reliability and to simplify the charging experience for fleets. It is vital that business are able to operate their vehicles, so reliability was a major requirement according to EVOS CEO and founder Marcelo Salgado. 

“Electric fleets will need more than just hardware that charge their new electric vehicles,” he said.

“EV fleet owners will need to negotiate power purchases, manage peak electricity loads, report on emissions savings, install electrical equipment, find capital to fund EV chargers, sign up to third party charger management software and find ways to reduce operating cost not currently known to them. 

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“Our mission is to make managing EV fleet charging effortless for businesses.”

The EVOS Fleet Home22 AC Charger can be installed either single phase or three phase to provide flexibility for business providing charging for fleet vehicles charged at home. It can deliver up to 22kW of power which, over an hour, can provide the average EV with as much as 120km range. 

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