Evoenergy drone shot down


Police have begun an investigation after a commercial drone being used by Evoenergy to carry out surveying work was shot down in rural ACT.

According to The Canberra Times, an ACT Policing spokesperson confirmed officers responded to the incident near Apollo Road in Tennent at 2:15pm on February 14.

Evoenergy declinded to comment on the incident, but said inquiries about “any matters related to unlawful behaviour” should be directed to the police.

The drone is understood to be worth more than $500,000.

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Andrew Geikie, who owns farmland in Lanyon, not far from Tennent, told The Canberra Times he had seen an increased number of drones in the rural area in recent years.

Mr Geikie said farmers were generally wary of unannounced drones in case they were being used by criminals or animal activists to spy on their properties.

“We’ve found a few in the paddocks too, where people have obviously flown them out of range and crashed,” he said.

“From a farming perspective, I can understand being wary of drones, but I wouldn’t shoot one down.

“There are better ways to handle things.”

Police investigations are continuing.

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