Ergon trialling scalable demand


Ergon Energy has partnered with Actility and National Narrowband Network Co (NNNCo) to trial a scalable demand management solution.

Ergon Energy has one of the lowest customer densities among utility companies, which has resulted in long distribution lines, which affects energy reliability at the edge of the grid an ongoing issue.

Ergon Energy telecommunications architect Sanjeewa Athuraliya said historically when faced with network constraints energy utilities upgraded their networks.

“However that increases infrastructure costs and places upward pressure on electricity prices,” he said.

“With the trial of this Internet of Things solution the company gets the capability to control the load using accurate and timely information at a granular level.

“For example, it may change the time that a household’s hot water is heated up so that it occurs when network load is low.

“This could allow Ergon Energy to run its network more effectively, increase the longevity of the network, and save customers money over the long-term.”

Actility specialises in low power wide area networks, including low-power, long-range wireless networks.

Chief technical officer and founder Olivier Hersent said the trial would test the IoT platform to improve energy efficiency.

“We founded Actility because we were convinced that IoT technology could improve efficiency and make our economy more sustainable,” Mr Hersent said.

NNNCo is an Australian company building a national narrowband network in Australia for IoT.

NNNCo’s Rob Zagarella said the partnership to create the network server and IoT platform would enable NNNCo to provide a carrier-grade nationwide service to its enterprise customers.

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