Ergon and Energex finishing upgrades to four substations

High-voltage powerlines against beautiful orange sky (ergon energex)

Ergon Energy and Energex are finishing upgrades to substations at Kilcoy, Howard, Gracemere and Surfers Paradise.

Energy Queensland acting CEO Peter Scott said the final work on the four upgrades totalled $5.48 million during 2022-23, and were part of Energy Queensland’s $1.4 billion spent to keep the lights on, the network safe and secure during the financial year.

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“These substation upgrades are part of the vital work that Ergon and Energex do each year to Queensland’s electricity distribution network to support the state’s growth,” he said.

“Electricity is one of the cornerstones of the community. It is integrated into nearly every part of our lives, so ensuring we have a reliable and safe supply is paramount.

“Such a program of work is a massive undertaking for a power network that supplies more than 2.3 million homes and businesses, and also consists of 183,000km of powerlines and 1.7 million power poles.”

Scott said the upgrades would not only support the immediate jobs during the project’s construction phase, and would also support local businesses and industry with a reliable power network well into the future.

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“While these upgrades have been under way, the works have supported dozens of jobs for Ergon and Energex staff and the contractors we engage throughout the construction,” he said.

“A robust power network is a vital cornerstone for any community and, once complete, these upgrades will continue to service the area’s industry and local lifestyle for decades to come.”

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