Enphase AC Battery Arrives In Australia

Enphase AC Battery

The first Enphase AC Battery shipment destined for the general market has arrived in Australia, and units will soon be on their way to installers across the country.

A number of “beta” installs have occurred throughout the country in the past few months, and Enphase said the feedback from installers and owners has been positive.

As our AC Batteries leave warehouses in waves across Australia and New Zealand in the coming weeks, we cannot wait for installers, and ultimately homeowners, everywhere to reap the benefits of a future-proofed, connected, and best-in-class storage system,” Enphase said.

The Enphase AC Battery is a very compact wall-mounted, modular and smart energy storage system. Each unit has a 1.2kWh capacity, with a depth of discharge (usable capacity) of 95 per cent. Based on Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry, it has roundtrip cell efficiency of 96 per cent, as reported by Energy Matters. 

It’s also a very safe battery. Crush and puncture tests of LFP batteries show little to no reaction and Enphase chose a prismatic packaging design for its stability and superior thermal characteristics.

Part of the Enphase energy storage system is the Envoy S-Meter, an electronic component that communicates with Enphase’s Enlighten monitoring software, which is used for monitoring energy production and use.

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