Enova powers on with renewable energy alliance

Friends gather at home with solar panels on roof (Enova)
Image: Enova Energy

Enova Energy has expanded to its long-term alliance with Diamond Energy. This builds resilience into its energy sourcing and expands its ability to deliver distributed renewable energy generation and storage projects.

As a small and growing community-owned energy retailer, recently named by CHOICE as Australia’s best ranked energy retailer for customer services and environmental sustainability for 2020, Enova Energy is pleased to have signed long-term agreements with the highly rated by Greenpeace renewables retailer and generator Diamond Energy.

Enova’s key focus is to do energy differently—keeping money local, championing the transition to renewables, and helping communities take local action on climate change by creating innovative energy models based on generating, storing and sharing energy from renewable sources.

Diamond Energy is an accredited and active wholesale electricity market participant specialising in renewable energy generation, and offers considerable expertise regarding the development of renewable and clean energy generation and storage facilities.

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Diamond’s principal focus is to support and develop utility scale, distributed and embedded energy generation delivering tailored cost-effective low carbon energy supply solutions to its customers under long-term and aligned partnerships. It is also a fully licensed and independent electricity retailer with a growing retail customer base.

Enova CEO Felicity Stening said, “Under the expansion agreements, Enova and Diamond will work together to explore distributed renewable energy generation and storage projects, and, with Enova currently sourcing approximately 50 per cent of its energy from its customers’ rooftops, we’ll now have Diamond Energy’s renewable energy projects to cover the remainder.”

“This will enable Enova to continue its deep community-based work to create sustainable and resilient communities, assisting their transition to renewable energy, without leaving anyone behind.”

“Diamond has significant expertise in managing renewable energy and storage projects, which we can utilise to support the wholesale risk of our customers,” Diamond Energy managing director Mark Bertoncello said.

“Our companies are well matched, and these agreements will enable Enova’s future growth in the residential and business electricity sector to be supported, while enabling Diamond to expand renewable generation and storage.”