Engineers help Aussie-made ventilators come to life

Phoenix, Ampcontrol

Phoenix Contact Australia has provided critical solutions to support the production of life-saving ventilators in NSW in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leading Australian engineering company Ampcontrol was selected by the state government in May to design and deliver a functional emergency ventilator prototype for testing by specialist clinicians at John Hunter Hospital.

Engineers at work on the ventilation devices
Engineers at work on the ventilation devices

Collaborating closely with Ampcontrol engineers, Phoenix Contact was pivotal in designing several turnkey solutions for the highly crucial lifesaving project. Successfully overcoming several technical challenges and conducting vigorous bench testing, Phoenix Contact engineers created the heart and soul of the ventilator utilising the unique benefits of their power reliability solutions: QUINT power supplies, UPS and surge protection–delivering highest of quality, dependability and maximum functionality.

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“It is our true privilege and honour to support Australian manufacturing, in the development and delivery of lifesaving medical equipment in our country,” Phoenix Contact’s managing director Rohan Hungerford said.

Engineers at work on the ventilation devices
Engineers at work on the ventilation devices

“For many years Phoenix Contact has been working closely with Australian manufacturers like Ampcontrol, providing engineering knowledge, strong product solutions, and capabilities.

“Working alongside such a capable team of young men and women, gives immense inspiration and greater passion for our industry and the next generation of engineers–tomorrow’s leaders. Well done to the project team on such an amazing and rewarding achievement.”

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