EnergyAustralia addresses Yallourn closure speculation

The Yallourn Power Station in the Latrobe Valley

EnergyAustralia has addressed speculation that it would progressively close Yallourn Power Station earlier than its official closure date of 2032, saying it has no intention to do so.

Speculation began from a report from AEMO stating the power plant was due to start shutting down from 2029, progressively switching off its four units one-by-one until 2032.

EnergyAustralia says it plans to run the plant to 2032, or for as long as policy and regulation permit, and there’s not substantial change in the market.

“We’re working hard to make Yallourn more efficient,” EnergyAustralia said in a statement.

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“At the same time, we continue to talk to stakeholders, including our workers and the community, to support opportunities and plan for the transition already underway in the Latrobe Valley. And we’re investing to modernise Australia’s energy system with new, cleaner power generation.

“Australia’s shrinking capacity to generate reliable energy has been a major cause of rising household power prices. Losing Yallourn’s electricity supply would, without careful planning, compound the problem and impact the local community.

“We have promised our workers and the local community that, should things change, and circumstances remain within our control, we will give at least five years’ notice before closing Yallourn.” 

Yallourn Power Station has been in the news recently after the death of unit controller Graeme Edwards on November 12, 2018. A recent investigation found that he performed his job as he had been trained to do. More details here.