Energy tech company signs multi-million dollar deal with Japan

More than 24,000 Japanese businesses will now have access to COzero’s cloud-based energy management platform, EnergyLink, to save evergy and costs.

The Australian energy technology company announced a three-year multi-million dollar deal to provide Japan’s ENNET Corporation’s customers with access to COzero’s energy management platform.

EnergyLink is a cloud-based platform for businesses that maps customers’ baseload energy consumption, and uses neural networks to target issues and identify energy efficiency opportunities to decrease energy consumption and costs.

The platform has demonstrated electricity savings from five to 30 per cent.

The deal represents COzero’s first major international agreement for EnergyLink. EnergyLink has already been deployed at thousands of sites within Australia including Stockland, Mirvac, Novotel and the Sydney Theatre Company.

ENNET’s Akihiro Goromaru said the company was very excited to work with COzero.

“We believe that the EnergyLink platform will allow us to offer new value to our customers and increase competitiveness,” Mr Goromaru said.

COzero chief executive Geoffrey Alexander said the deal was a significant milestone for COzero as the world moves toward smarter energy solutions.

“The ENNET deal builds on COzero’s strong existing ties with the Japanese energy market and allows us to extend the reach of our energy smart technology to thousands of sites with a major international partner,” he said.