Energy Super rebrands to Brighter Super

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Queensland’s industry superannuation fund for energy and electricity workers, Energy Super, has rebranded to Brighter Super and is encouraging members to book in for a Super Health Check. 

Brighter Super looks after around $30 billion in retirement savings for approximately 255,000 members and offers specialist insurance, personal service and workplace visits for workers in electricity and energy.   

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The Energy Super name is a familiar one within Queensland’s power sector and to electrical contractors, with the fund having served the industry under names including Electricity Supply Industry (ESI Super) and SPEC Super for more than 44 years.   

Brighter Super CEO Kate Farrar said the new name was introduced as Energy Super integrated its member systems with recent merger partner LGIAsuper’s—a partnership that has delivered fee reductions of up to 29% for many Energy Super members.  

“Although Energy Super’s name has changed, the commitment we have demonstrated to the energy sector and our industry members over the past 44 years will continue and grow,” Farrar said. 

“In the past year, we have reduced our fees and increased our schedule of workplace visits, ensuring that many of our members, particularly those in regional Queensland, have an opportunity to talk with us in person about their superannuation.  

“Since the merger, the fund has met and spoken with nearly 14,000 members, with more than 3,800 members attending in-person meetings, seminars and appointments, mostly in the workplace. 

“As a proud not-for-profit industry fund, we are also continuing to offer insurance products tailored for people employed in the energy and electrical sectors, with one of the most competitive income protection products available.” 

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Farrar encouraged members to book in for a 30-minute Super Health Check over the phone or video call, at no additional cost by going to 

“This appointment with a Super Health Check specialist looks at the current position of the member’s super, discusses different ways to grow it, and checks that members are on track for a comfortable retirement,” Farrar said. 

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