Energy security top priority at SA energy forum

The EUAA is putting energy security at the top of the agenda of the inaugural energy forum in South Australia tomorrow.

CEO Andrew Richards said the South Australian energy market had been in the news recently and the timing of the first forum and location, ‘couldn’t be better’.

“A combination of issues brought about significant high price events recently in South Australia,” said Mr Richards.

“When you include the recent statewide blackout, energy users are understandably looking for answers and are concerned about what the summer months will bring.”

South Australian Minister for Energy Tom Koutsantonis will speak about his government’s policy to address energy security.

Other issues on the agenda include the role of renewable energy, plans to improve energy security and efforts to bring more economically sustainable electricity and gas prices.

The Energy Users Association South Australian Energy Forum will be held on Wednesday October 19 from 7.30am to 12noon, in the Hotel Grand Chancellor, Adelaide on Hindley.

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