Energy and water changes to cut red tape

The passing of legislation in Queensland Parliament on September 12, will reduce red tape and enable local communities to manage their own futures, according to the Newman government.

The Minister for Energy and Water Supply Mark McArdle said the passing of the Energy and Water Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 finalised the closure of two no longer relevant energy programs.

The changes also now enable residents of the new Noosa Council to continue to receive water services from Unitywater.

“The closures include the Queensland Gas Scheme and the Smart Energy Savings Program,” Mr McArdle said.

“These schemes have largely achieved what they set out to do and are no longer required.

“The Smart Energy Savings Program, which required businesses using a certain amount of electricity to report their energy use to government, was a perfect example of unnecessary red tape.

“Queensland businesses should identify energy savings to boost their bottom lines and not be forced to report these savings to government.”

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