Energex warns of scammers

Scammers continue to target energy customers, most recently those in Energex’s Sunshine Coast network.

Residents have been warned of potential scammers who are posing as Energex workers offering tree clearing services for a fee

Energex stakeholder relations manager Glen Kolpak said reports had been received from concerned members of the public in the Nambour area.

“Energex has processes in place for its tree clearing program and this does not involve charging customers whose trees need to be trimmed to keep them away from powerlines,” Mr Kolpak said.

“From the reports we have received, two gentlemen approached homeowners and said they required payment upfront to trim the trees. This is not Energex policy.

“It is very concerning these alleged scammers are coaxing people using Energex’s name. Our employees carry identification cards at all times and any concerned member of the public is within their rights to request to see their identification card.”