Ergon and Energex going geospatial

Ergon Energy has invested heavily in geospatial technology over the past few years and now have some of the best digital geographic technology in the industry.

At the recent Geographic Information System conference, founder of ESRI Jack Dangermond recognised Ergon and Energex for how they used the technology for the benefit of the business.

Dangermond himself is recognised by Bill Gates as being ‘one of a kind’ who also attributes modern mapping to the ESRI technology.

ESRI provides sophisticated technology to display accurate and timely asset information on maps and detect emerging patterns and trends to changing conditions.

Both Ergon and Energex have trailed the ESRI mobile platform and now will apply it to dispatch work quickly.

Importantly, the technology will allow faster responses to natural disasters. ESRI was trialled during Cyclone Marcia in 2015, with real-time decision-making tools and analysis.