Energex applauded for Stradbroke Island bushfire recovery

Queensland Energy and Water Supply Minister Mark McArdle has paid tribute to Energex staff who worked to maintain energy on North Stradbroke Island and parts of the Redland Council region as devastating bushfires tore through the area in January.

Mr McArdle visited North Stradbroke Island on January 6 to personally thank staff from Energex, Seqwater and Redland Council, along with firefighters, police and other state emergence services personnel.

“Like most Queenslanders watching the devastating bushfire unfold on North Stradbroke Island, I was in awe of the sheer power of the fire and humbled by the mighty efforts of countless number of people who are determined to manage it,” Mr McArdle said.

“Despite the increasing demand associated with the scorching heat right across Queensland, Energex and Seqwater continued to work with Redland Council and other agencies to restore and maintain services.

“Energex, Seqwater and Redland Council worked together to restore and maintain water and power supply against increasing odds, including significant bushfire damage to assets.”

Energex chief executive officer Terry Effeney said he was proud of the efforts of Energex staff in difficult circumstances.

“The blaze was sparked by lightning on December 29 and has devastated an estimated 60 per cent of the vegetation on North Straddie,” he said.

“There was extensive damage to primary and backup power supplies at Dunwich, Amity Point and Point Lookout. Crews restored the main power supply to Stradbroke Island over the last couple of days and we have also used mobile generation to support the communities as part of the restoration program.

“I am proud of how safely and quickly crews restored power to affected areas and more recently, how much great progress has been made in restoring all permanent electricity services.”

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