Electromobility hits world record altitude of 5,816m

Rainer Zietlow with the VW ID.4 GTX (world record)
Rainer Zietlow with the VW ID.4 GTX

Record-breaking driver Rainer Zietlow has set a new Guiness World Record, climbing the world’s highest road at Uturuncu in Bolivia in a VW ID.4 GTX.

After driving more than 57,000km through the USA last year, Rainer Zietlow completed the longest journey by an electric vehicle in a single country for a Guinness World Record.

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Now, he has set another record with the VW ID.4 GTX. His goal: to climb the world’s highest, still passable mine road at the Uturuncu volcano in Bolivia using only electric power. He conquered an altitude gain of 5,816m, thus securing another Guinness World Record and simultaneously proving the staying power of electric vehicles.

“Our goal was to show that electromobility is also capable of high performance at extreme altitudes,” Zietlow said.

This is exactly what he was finally able to prove on his e-mobility climb. With the ID.4 GTX, he vanquished the volcano in the south of Bolivia to just a few metres below the summit.

On the journey to base camp through Argentina and Bolivia, he was able to rely on Enel X Way’s wallbox network, which was installed along the route at intervals of 300km.

Back in Bolivia’s seat of government La Paz, Rainer Zietlow was presented with the Guinness World Record certificate by a Guinness representative at the German Embassy there.

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HARTING also actively supported this challenge, as the technology group is VW’s Tier 1 supplier of charging cables and the original equipment manufacturer of the on-board charging cables.

HARTING Automotive managing director Marco Grinblats said: “Congratulations to Rainer Zietlow for this great success. We are delighted for him and his team on this further Guinness World Record. This has once again sent an important signal and raised awareness of the fight against climate change.”

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