Edify selects Tesla for Riverina and Darlington Point BESS

Artist's impression of the Riverina and Darlington Point BESS (Edify Tesla)
Artist's impression of the Riverina and Darlington Point BESS

Edify Energy has selected Tesla Megapack for its Riverina and Darlington Point Battery Energy Storage Systems.

Located in the Murrumbidgee Shire, the Riverina and Darlington Point Energy Storage Systems will make up three independent projects totalling a combined 150MW/300MWh of Tesla Megapack lithium-ion batteries that will connect into Transgrid’s network at the Darlington Point Substation.  

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These Megapack systems will serve to add more flexible, dispatchable capacity to the NSW market and will complement the significant presence of renewable generation in the region.

Building on the successful delivery of the Gannawarra Energy Storage System in Victoria, Edify is pleased to announce it has signed an EPC contract with Tesla to deliver this facility.

Edify chief executive John Cole said, “One of the key drivers in our business is innovation and the strong belief that most roadblocks to a greener energy system can be overcome with the advancement in technology.  The advantages of large-scale batteries in our growing world of renewables are well documented and supported.  

“Energy storage is rapidly becoming a valued capacity solution for the National Electricity Market, given its fast and precise response and technical capability. The pace of advancement in this growing technology class is exciting and with it a breaking of the barriers to acceptance from market and network participants.

“We are proud to be leading the expansion of batteries to shore up the renewable energy market and to increase the availability of clean, green, low-cost, dispatchable electricity.”

The facility will use advanced inverter technology. It is an ambitious and ground-breaking project that will lead the way for smarter technology in the NEM with the ability to support network stability, which is essential to managing the transition to a 100 per cent renewable energy generation network.

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“The team has worked tirelessly to overcome many challenges and created a very exciting project,” Coles said.

“Without a doubt, as the understanding of advanced inverters grows, we will see more smart technologies replacing rotating machines and accelerating Australia’s transition to a clean energy future. Working with Tesla to deliver this important and innovative piece of infrastructure to the people and businesses of NSW is another milestone for Edify in this exciting energy transition.”

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