Demand for experts to operate major projects

A rise in the number of transmission and distribution projects commencing in the coming months will create demand for both office and site-based expertise in most states and territories, according to Hays.

The recruitment agency highlighted a number of roles that will be needed in each state. Distribution design engineers, distribution drafters, mechanical engineers, asset maintenance engineers and electrical linesmen/women are currently in demand and there are significant shortages of good candidates with relevant Australian experience.

New South Wales will need electrical estimators and HV electricians, and the state will see a rise in renewable energy requirements with major renewable projects coming online.

A number of new projects and upgrade projects are underway in Victoria’s busy transmission and distribution market and a shortage of candidates across design, construction, operations and maintenance for utility companies, consultancies and contractors.

Project managers are in particular demand in South Australia, the company stated.

“With employers unwilling to look at candidates from other industries, there is a shortage of candidates with local power system expertise,” a company spokesperson said.

“In power generation we expect to see a rise in feasibility studies leading into design after the carbon tax announcement, with companies looking at alternative methods of producing electricity to become more carbon efficient.”

In Western Australia there has been a number of power stations built that now require operational staff.

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