Customers willing to make the switch for cheaper power

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More than a quarter of South Australian households have switched energy provider in the past two years in a response to rising energy prices.

A national survey by energy comparison service iSelect showed 43 per cent of all SA households compared energy providers in the same period. Of those comparing prices, 37 per cent, or more than 100,000 households, chose to switch provider.

The Advertiseranalysed the survey and reported more than half the total of 350,000 SA households had observed an increase in their power bills in the past 12 months, while 82 per cent described the cost of energy as “expensive”.

The study assessed the attitudes and behaviours of more than 1000 energy users towards affordability, and found South Australian households are taking advantage of increase energy competition.

Only 11 per cent of SA respondents were unaware of their energy plan.