CSIRO launches virtual hydrogen knowledge centre

hydrogen graphic in blue and white with h2 symbol (forum supply chain hydrogen)
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An online centre consolidating Australian hydrogen research and industry activities has been launched by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, aimed at supercharging the development of a clean and competitive hydrogen industry. 

The Hydrogen Knowledge Centre, part of CSIRO’s Hydrogen Industry Mission, has been designed to foster collaboration between the growing Australian hydrogen industry, government and research and development (R&D) ecosystems, by providing regularly updated information on policies, projects, research and resources.

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Across the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre, users can access a broad range of information, from interactive modelling tools forecasting the future cost of hydrogen, based on technology deployment and energy use, through to educational resources explaining the basics of hydrogen and its use in the energy mix.  

A new module—HyLearning—is now accessible in addition to two existing modules, HyResource and HyResearch

A new industry map, also part of the knowledge centre, will highlight all of the current projects across Australia, and allow users to filter searches by project proponents, end-use and development status.

The Knowledge Centre will also feature resources developed by our partners and collaborators in the Australian hydrogen industry. 

CSIRO Hydrogen Industry Mission spokesperson Dr Vicky Au said the new map showed 85 current hydrogen projects being driven by industry across Australia. 

“These resources are being developed with state and federal governments, industry and R&D partners to capture and promote hydrogen projects and industry developments across Australia,” Dr Au said.

“The delivery of the knowledge centre is an important milestone for our Hydrogen Industry Mission, because it helps connects the dots for all the players involved across the sector.

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“Since launching the existing HyResource page in 2020, it has been visited more than 200,000 times by users from across the globe seeking to learn more about the development of Australia’s hydrogen industry, demonstrating a clear demand for hydrogen information.  

“As the clean hydrogen industry continues to develop and evolve, it is our hope that the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre can continue to be a relevant and valuable resource in Australia and internationally. 

Simplifying access to information for all those with an interest in hydrogen is an important feature of the knowledge centre. We will do this by linking to partner-led modules and collaboratively developing content for the hydrogen community.”

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