CSIRO gives carbon capture the thumbs up

CSIRO researchers have given their stamp of approval to carbon-capture technology, saying the technology can capture more than 85 per cent of the gasses from power station flues.

The CSIRO scientists tested post-combustion carrion dioxide capture technology at two coal-fired power stations, and then examined the efficiency of the technology.

The two power stations involved were the Delta Electricity Munmorah power station in New South Wales and the Tarong power station in Queensland, operated by Stanwell Corp.

The researchers said the greatest challenge to carbon capture was the additional cost of capital investment and the loss of efficiency at the power station, with a 90 per cent carbon capture rate reducing efficiency by 30 per cent.

The CSIRO said it would continue to develop carbon capture technology, aiming to capture 100 per cent of emissions with no energy penalty or loss of efficiency.

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