Country Energy puts work health and safety in the spotlight

Country Energy manager of public safety, Alan Burman was named a finalist in the 5th Annual Safe Work Australia Awards.

The awards were presented in April at a ceremony in the Great Hall at Parliament House, Canberra.

The awards acknowledge the efforts of individuals and organisations in their efforts to reduce the number of work-related deaths, injury and disease in the workplace.

Safe Work Australia chair, Tom Phillips AM, said that by becoming a finalist in these awards each individual and organisation demonstrated an impressive commitment to work health and safety.

“As a finalist in the category recognising Best Individual Contribution to Workplace Health and Safety, Alan Burman has shown commitment to work health and safety through formulation of a fire retardant clothing test, syllabus for safety officers course, safety techniques for chainsaw topping, industrial safety belts as well as initiating electricity field days and safety practitioners conferences.

“Alan’s dedication to improving Country Energy’s work health and safety performance has led to new ways in recording the organisation’s effectiveness in managing the physical and psychological hazards in the workplace. Alan has also shown his commitment to work health and safety by staying at the forefront of practical safety methods, with his initiatives having a positive impact on his co-workers and the wider community.”

Each year, the awards provide the opportunity to focus attention on safety in the workplace.

“I encourage businesses and individuals to follow in the footsteps of Alan Burman and enter the awards at their jurisdictional level so they too can be recognised for their efforts,” Mr Phillips said.

“These awards recognise the important work that organisations and individuals are doing to make work health and safety a top priority to ensure everyone returns home safely.”

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