Complex transmission line relocation works by FEC complete

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Future Engineering and Communication (FEC) was engaged by Western Power to complete the construction of pole foundations, access tracks, work pads and earthing to facilitate relocation of 2.1km of 132kV transmission line at Red Hill in Western Australia.

The project was very complex as the project spanned across an active mine tenement, multiple Phytophthora Dieback areas, and an “A Class” Nature Reserve. FEC had to follow strict access requirements across the site and manage the environmental and indigenous heritage challenges associated with the location of the project.

Some of the significant environmental and heritage aspects of the project were the presence of native Christmas tree, which are significant in Aboriginal culture, protecting the habitat of the black cockatoo and avoiding contact with the Owl Stone, which is an indigenous mythical ochre site.

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FEC also had significant construction challenges including the clearing of a 500m valley that had to be completed by hand, in some areas via rope and harness.


The project also included the construction of Western Powers largest ever transmission line foundation, which was designed to support three transmission poles. Being in the vicinity of a quarry there were areas of very hard rock, which added to the challenge of such a large foundation.

The works were completed in extreme heat and a number of vehicle movement/fire bans over the course of the project added additional time pressures to the job, which had to be completed to meet locked in outage dates.

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FEC says it’sproud to have completed this significant project within the project timeframes and without incident on a job that had many construction challenges and strict environmental and heritage requirements.

“We are now excited to be embarking on our next project for Western Power, which involves the relocation of 5.1km of 132kV transmission line which includes the construction of slab and pile foundations, access track, pole erection, stringing, testing and handover,” a spokesperson said.