Completed transmission project to bolster southern Tasmania’s electricity supply

Transend commissioned the Waddamana to Lindisfarne 220,000 V project in June, its largest-ever infrastructure project.

Transend’s chairman, Don Challen said that the $132 million project had helped the company to provide a safe, reliable and secure electricity transmission service in southern Tasmania.

“The work involved dismantling an 87-year-old transmission line and constructing a 100 km, 220 kV transmission line between Waddamana and Lindisfarne substations in the same land corridor as the line that was removed,” Mr Challen said.

“The work also involved building a new 220 kV substation at Waddamana and a new 220 kV switchyard at Lindisfarne substation in Risdon Vale,” he said.

Transend knew for many years that the electricity transmission system in southern Tasmania needed to be strengthened.

The main options available to ensure that Transend could meet the future electricity needs for Tasmania’s southern community were to install a second 220 kV supply point in southern Tasmania or to build new generation plant, such as a gas-fired power station, in southern Tasmania.

Mr Challen said that the most cost-effective option was to construct the new Waddamana to Lindisfarne 220 kV transmission line.

“The project was declared a major infrastructure project under the Major Infrastructure Development Approvals Act 1999,” Mr Challen said.

“This meant that Transend could submit one development application to the combined planning authority, which contained representatives from the Central Highlands, Southern Midlands, Brighton and Clarence councils.

“After we received our development permit, we engaged the John Holland Group to construct the transmission line and an Alstom Grid/Hazell Bros consortium to do the substation work.

“I thank our contractors for their hard work over the past two years to deliver this major infrastructure project on time and within budget.

“We have been using the new equipment since the end of April 2011 and it has provided an enormous benefit to the power system in southern Tasmania,” he said.

Aurora Energy CEO, Dr Peter Davis congratulated Transend on completing the project.

“The investment by Transend in this critical infrastructure will benefit the 250,000 southern Tasmanians who depend upon safe, secure and reliable electricity supply for their wellbeing,” Dr Davis said.

“This new transmission upgrade provides increased security to the southern network by reinforcing the new Transend Mornington substation, which in turn provides the necessary capacity to supply Aurora’s developments at a new Howrah zone substation and an upgraded Bellerive zone substation,” he said.

“This major infrastructure project reminds us that we should not take for granted the major investments required to supply the essential service of electricity, which underpins our society and economy.”

The replacement of the old 110 kV transmission line with 220 kV line greatly enhances the capacity of the network and will cater for the increase in electricity load that comes with economic growth.

“Transend’s investment will meet the projected demand on the system and enable the economy to grow in the foreseeable future without constraints in electricity infrastructure,” Dr Davis said.

“I congratulate everyone at Transend who was involved in this project.”

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