Coal bunker fire hampers generation at Yallourn

Yallourn Power Station (yallourn fire)
Yallourn Power Station (Image: Kip Scott/Shutterstock)

A fire broke out in a coal storage facility at Yallourn, Victoria’s largest coal-fired power station, on Wednesday, decreasing its energy output, according to 7News.

Firefighters were called to Yallourn Power Station in the Latrobe Valley about 6.20am on Wednesday in response to a blaze, which has left two or the station’s four generation units out of action.

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“We estimate we will be ready to safely return them to service within the coming week,” EnergyAustralia said in a statement.

While the fire has reduced the station’s generation capacity, the Australian Energy Market Operator confirmed there was sufficient supply to meet forecast demand in Victoria.

Firefighters spent more than six hours at Yallourn fighting the fire in the coal bunker, with crews getting it under control by 1pm.

EnergyAustralia said Fire Rescue Victoria had handed back control of the Yallourn site, and it would inspect the damage to determine what maintenance and repairs were needed before launching an investigation into the cause of the fire.

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Yallourn was damaged during severe floods in June, with a state energy emergency declared over fears the Yallourn mine could flood as cracks formed, placing additional pressure on its walls.

The power station, which supplies up to 22 per cent of Victoria’s energy and eight per cent of Australia’s, is set to close by mid-2028. It has been operating for 100 years and is among the nation’s most carbon-intensive power generators.

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