Clive Palmer puts Palaszczuk on notice, threatens legal action

Clive Palmer
Clive Palmer. Image: AAP/Michael Chambers

By Nichola Davies

In the wake of the Palaszczuk Government fast tracking an approvals process for Adani’s Carmichael Coal Mine, Clive Palmer has lashed out at the Premier, saying she’s prioritising foreign investment over locally owned projects, like his.

Clive Palmer has sought environmental approval for his 144,000ha Alpha North Coal Mine – a greenfield coal mine that documents suggest could produce 33 per cent more coal than Adani’s mine.

Last week Queensland Treasurer Jackie Trad announced the Queensland State Budget, calling on coal mining giants to contribute $70 million towards a regional infrastructure fund in exchange for a freeze on royalties. This freeze could save coal companies up to a billion dollars a year, says Queensland Resources Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane.

In a contentious release to media, Clive Palmer says Ms Palaszczuk is putting the State’s economic future and energy security at risk by allowing Ms Trad to call the shots on coal.

“The Premier should be answering to the wants and needs of Queenslanders, not Jackie Trad who appears to be doing everything possible to favour foreign-owned coal projects over Australian ones,” Mr Palmer said.

“She has effectively put Jackie Trad in charge of the State.

“Queensland voters made it very clear that they value the importance of coal mining and job creation and yet the Queensland Government is committed to attacking me over my coal mining interests, which will create employment for thousands of people.

“In a panic, the Queensland Government is pushing for the India-based conglomerate Adani and ignoring all other projects including our proposed coal fired power station.

“Serious questions need to be asked as to why this government is giving an unfair advantage to a foreign company, and access to our highest-quality coal which once converted to final products and services will be sold back to Australia for thousands times more.

“I am putting the Premier on notice that if she is acting improperly in favouring foreign companies over Queensland ones, then we will have no alternative but to pursue legal action.”