Clean energy’s first survey of workforce diversity

Worker installing solar panels (survey of workforce diversity)
Image: Lucy Hughes-Jones/AAP

The Clean Energy Council, Australian Power Institute and Electrical Trades Union have partnered to launch the first industry-wide Survey of Workforce Diversity in the Clean Energy Sector to better understand the makeup of the Australian renewable energy workforce.

Critically, the survey results will provide a baseline for future improvement so that the sector can strive for a level of diversity in the clean energy workforce that reflects our consumers and the communities in which the sector operates.

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“The Survey of Workforce Diversity in the Clean Energy Sector will tell us how we’re tracking on diversity metrics and allow the Clean Energy Council and its members to make informed decisions on where and how to improve inclusion and equity through recruitment and employee retention policies and whole-of-industry programs,” Clean Energy Council chief executive Kane Thornton said.

“The clean energy transition will have an impact on each and every one of us, and therefore a broad range of talent and life experience must have a role to play.

“We are striving for an industry-wide culture where everyone can feel empowered to bring their true self to work. It’s important to not only attract the right people and provide a job, but also to provide a career in the clean energy sector.

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“A diverse workforce is a strong and resilient workforce; strength and resilience are things that the clean energy sector in Australia really needs.”

Survey respondents will be asked to provide details such as gender, cultural background and if they have a disability. The survey is voluntary, strictly confidential and anonymous.

The survey will be live from August 16 to September 17, 2021. The 5-10 minute survey can be completed here.