CitiPower completes major power supply upgrade

A transformer is craned into the substation while a Citipower worker watches on
A new transformer is craned into place at Citipower's Dock Area Zone Substation

A 74-tonne high-voltage electricity transformer was carefully lowered into CitiPower’s Dock Area Zone Substation last week as part of a major power supply upgrade for the Port of Melbourne and surrounds.

The transformer, which will convert electricity from 66,000 to 11,000V for use by the Port and for other network customers in the area, is a key part of CitiPower’s role in a major package of work in Melbourne’s west to improve capacity and reliability of electricity supply.

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On Wednesday a large crane was called in to the network operator’s Dock Area Zone Substation, on Footscray Rod adjacent to Citylink, to help place the 4.8m-high transformer into position.

The transformer is a key part of an upgrade to the Zone Substation, which acts to provide a crucial power supply for the area.

The work took six hours to complete, with all works on the site expected to be complete by September 2022.

Upgrade works at Citipower’s Dock Area Zone Substation

The upgrade comes as the West Melbourne Terminal Station’s 22kV equipment has reached the end of its operating life, with CitiPower decommissioning powerlines and routing supply to other inner city Zone Substations, as part of the overall works package.

CitiPower head of major projects Marcus Olive said the plans for the upgrade were approved in 2016 by the Australian Energy Regulator and would benefit customers across inner Melbourne.

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“This is about continuing to deliver affordable, reliable and safe electricity to our customers, whether they’re the Port of Melbourne or a one-bedroom home, our approach remains the same,” Olive said.

“This is an important milestone for this project and we look forward to continuing to work closely with our partners to complete this major works package.”

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