Check out the stunning first photos of Neoen’s Tesla battery

Neoen's Hornsdale Power Reserve
Hornsdale Power Reserve

French energy company Neoen has released the first images of its new Tesla battery at Hornsdale Wind Farm near Jamestown in South Australia.

Commissioned by Consolidated Power Projects and Neoen, Floodlight Media cinematographer Gerard Wood took the stunning shots of the world’s biggest lithium-ion battery, which recently went live.

Tesla also put its hand up for content once they had a glimpse of the footage and stills. Founder Elon Musk personally approved the video and used it on stage at Tesla’s media event.

“We were excited to get involved with the Tesla battery project when it was announced by Elon Musk and the South Australian Government. From bare earth to concreting and battery lifting, I’ve personally been on site every step of the construction process,” Wood explains.

“It’s one of the most exciting, safe and efficient work sites I’ve worked on.

“For aerial images, we fly the DJI Inspire X5R drone. It’s a dual operator professional drone. Lachy Giles is the pilot and I operate the camera system. The aim of the game is to pick the exact right moment to get the shot. We waited for the best weather day, with calm winds and clear skies.”

The battery provides a total 129MWh of storage capable of discharge at 100MW into the power grid. It was built to prevent load-shedding blackouts and provide stability to the grid due to the state’s high uptake of renewable power sources.

All photos supplied courtesy of Neoen/Floodlight Media.