Carnegie wave energy technology wins EU funds

West Australian-based wave energy firm Carnegie Wave Energy will use a University of Edinburgh wave testing facility for its CETO 6 technology, after achieving financing from the European Union (EU).

Carnegie’s CETO technology uses fully submerged buoys to produce power that is transferred onshore, where hydroelectric turbines generate electricity, as reported by Energy Business News.

Carnegie currently employs its CETO 5 technology at the Perth Wave Energy Project in WA, however the company is now testing its new generation CETO 6 technology, which offers more than double the power capacity of its predecessor.

Testing of the CETO 6 unit will be carried out at the University of Edinburgh’s wave testing facility, which recreates ocean conditions including waves and currents, but in a controlled environment, as reported by Energy Business News.

In January, Carnegie announced it had shortlisted four sites around the world – two in Australia and two overseas – for new tidal energy projects and was exploring funding opportunities.

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