Carnegie kicks off Mauritius project

CETO 5 installation off Australia

Perth-based wave developer Carnegie Wave Energy has begun design work on its micro grid project in the Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius.

The project, which will be delivered on Mauritius and the neighboring island of Rodrigues, will see Carnegie receive a $800,000 grant through a partnership between the Australian and Mauritian Governments.

The company is expected to deliver study and design activities for initiatives focused on high penetration renewable energy microgrids that incorporate wave energy. The project is expected to deliver three outcomes throughout 2016, including the creation of renewable energy roadmap for Mauritius, assessment of the Mauritian wave energy resource and the identification of a preferred site for a commercial CETO wave energy project, and the design of a microgrid powered desalination plant on the Mauritian island of Rodrigues.

“The integration of a mix of renewable technologies, along with storage and controls, can provide cheaper, clean and secure solutions for island nations. It has been pleasing to see the behind the scenes work associated with developing this initiative transform into an active project,” Carnegie Wave Energy chief operating officer Greg Allen said.

“We will also make preparations for the deployment of a wave data collection buoy in the coming months.”

If it goes ahead, Carnegie’s Mauritius project is seen as a template, which could be adopted in other similar geographies.

Carnegie has proved the concept at the innovative Perth Wave project, which recently celebrated its first anniversary of generating renewable energy.

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