Canavan calls Aurecon “weak as piss” and a “bunch of bedwetters” after Adani pull-out

Image: Stop Adani via Flickr

Resources Minister Matt Canavan has unleashed an extraordinary tirade on engineering and consultancy firm Aurecon after it severed commercial ties with Adani and its Carmichael coal project.

In addition to the Carmichael mine, Aurecon will no longer be working on the Abbott Point Coal Terminal in North Queensland and an Adani solar project in Whyalla in South Australia.

In response, Canavan said, “Aurecon’s announcement is weak as piss and a load of rubbish. Aurecon today say they are making the decision for reasons of “sustainability”.

“I would’ve had a lot more respect for Aurecon if they’d come out and been upfront saying they can’t do this because they’re under pressure … but to come out and try to wrap it up as a sustainable decision, give me a break.”

He also said in an interview with Radio National that Aurecon were a “bunch of bedwetters” and that he’s “sick and tired” of the “PR rot”.

Because of the ongoing criticism of Adani and the Carmichael mine, investor action groups have labelled it “brand kryptonite”, suggesting no one wants to be tarred with the Adani brush. Instead, they’re looking for projects that are technologically advanced and progressive.

Canavan was clearly proud of himself for the comments on Twitter, sharing an article featuring the “weak as piss” comments, stating, “Lucky we are not relying on Aurecon to open the batting against Jofra Archer this weekend.”

It’s unclear how the issues of cricket and coal mining relate in this context, but he gave it a go.

Canavan said he “made no apologies” for his language, explaining Aurecon’s behaviour “giving in to bullies … has to be called out” and claiming it was “time to be upfront”.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale was quick to label Canavan a hypocrite for targeting individual companies that don’t support his interests.